localtunnel – quickly expose a local webserver to the world

localtunnel is a pretty neat tool. It solves the problem of quickly exposing a web server to the internet without messing with deploying to a “test server” messing with a router/firewall and NATing/PortForwarding.

It works like this, assuming you have a webserver listening on port 8080

dbergert$ localtunnel -k ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub 8080
This localtunnel service is brought to you by Twilio.
Port 8080 is now publicly accessible from http://52rq.localtunnel.com ...

Now browse to the URL and there is your publicly exposed webserver for that quick show or test.

More on localtunnel on its github page: https://github.com/progrium/localtunnel

New Backup Strategy for the VMware ESXi Lab with Veeam !

We use Veeam for VM backups and VM replication in our datacenter.
We also run virtualized labs and smaller ad-hoc Vmware ESXi servers for dev teams. So I was very happy to see Veeam offer – Veeam Backup Free Edition

My old options for ad-hoc VM image backups where to stop the guest and use Veeam’s FastSCP to an external NAS for backups. This was a pain and only done in frequently. With VeeamZip I can queue some live backup jobs on a running VM and later robocopy them to an external NAS. Similar steps but a lot less painful and time consuming, and a bit easier to setup then ghettoVCB.sh